The six individuals who make this company what it is today!

  • Jacob Hartwick – Chief Executive Officer
    • Created the timeline and due dates
    • Make sure all deadlines are met and are on track
    • Submitting documents to the correct people
    • Works with every individual involved in the company

Zack Schieberl – Vice President

  • Keeping order in company meetings
  • Recording information said at the company meetings
  • Polling the executive board for their opinions on important company matters
  • Filling in for the Chief Executive Officer when he isn’t there
  • Assigning each member their work for assignments,
  • Overlooking documents before they are published and formatting said documents
  • Programming the entire video game in GML (the custom language used by Gamemaker Studios) in the game software
  • Keeping track of every change made in the game on the Changelog
  • Setting up the domain name and software used for building websies

Matt Guerra – Chief Technology Officer

  • Designing the website
  • Assist with the game design
  • Creating expansion packs

Sierra Brannen – Chief Marketing Officer

  • Artwork for the game
  • Develop products to increase awareness about our game
  • Create advertisements for the game
  • Design the storyline
  • Research historical facts

Zoey Grant – Research and Development

  • Compare our product to other games
  • Look into the validity of educational gaming
  • Develop academic content
  • Research popular games

Chris Shayota – Chief Financial Officer

  • Budgeting
  • Financial Research
  • Contributing to the team ideas