Info about our money

Being that EduBots has the aim of creating a digital product, there will be no expenses with regard to product development. Rather, our main expense will be advertisements on various social media websites. The cost to advertise on a site, such as Facebook is whatever we choose to spend, with a higher cost resulting in greater exposure. To our potential investors, money for advertisement will lead to company exposure and growth, resulting in a substantial return on investment. On average, $65 spent on Facebook advertisements will garner 100 clicks by users, with a single click costing between $0.16 and $1.00.

If History Heist were to be developed as a smartphone application, EduBots would have to pay for the application to be available in a major app store. Google Play charges a one time fee of $25, and the Apple App Store charges $99 per year. The cost of the History Heist app would likely be $0.99.

Since the ideas going into our product, a video game, are intellectual property, EduBots has no intention to seek a patent, but may, at some point in the future Trademark specific characters. The cost to own and operate  our website is between $10 and $15 per year.

Upon release, the History Heist beta will be available as a free download, with the full version of the game and its additional downloads costing anywhere between $0.99 and $10.00. History Heist merchandise such as; shirts, posters, and toys will be sold through our website. Allowing other companies to advertise in our game would accrue roughly $0.09 per download.

Since EduBots owns all of the equipment needed to develop History Heist, none of the company’s funds will be budgeted for product development. Rather, Roughly 70% of our spending will be on advertisement for the game, with the remaining 30% being allotted to maintaining the website and any minor or emergency expenses.