1st Design Review

Due January 31st

Status: Not Completed

The first design review is a short presentation given to the class about what our product is. The purpose of this is to get constructive criticism from the rest of our class about our product.

Google Slides Presentation Link


  • Title Page (1)
    • Name of our Company and product
    • All of our names
  • When we are presenting, verbally introduce that we are making the video game, History Heist


  • Brief Summary (2)
  • Write about the storyline of our game


  • Why we are creating this game (3)
    • Educational gaming


  • Technical Aspect (4)
    • How we will create the game
      • Gamemaker Studios
      • Some programming in GML
      • Controller Support


  • Artwork (5)
    • How you are drawing/coloring it
    • What program you are using (probably photoshop)


  • Budget¬†(6)
    • List a bunch of purchases we will or might have to make